Flowers on My Table

I love having some seasonal flowers on the table. There is almost always something blooming, even in the bleakest and darkest winter days. At the moment the garden is on the cusp of an explosion of spring flowers and blossoms and the choices of what to pick will become easier. For the last few weeks I have been enjoying sprigs of a winter flowering cherry.
 For most of the year, this is an utterly unappealing tree, which just disappears into the background of the garden. However for a few short weeks in january and february it produces the most exquisite little flowers on delicate wintery branches and it  would not look out of place in a finely crafted Japanese garden. It has the stage almost to itself as it shows off its pink and rose coloured flowers, almost smiling in the face of the most inclement conditions.
I place the branches in a glass vase to accentuate its delicacy.

The other two obvious flowers to have on the table at the moment are Snowdrops...

and the beautiful Hellebores.